Thursday, December 04, 2008

Virtually vending!

I'm going to be vending at Deceminate from across the country! Sasen will handle the in-person interactions, and I'll be using a webcam and chat to interact with customers. I'm mailing a big box of stuff to California next Monday. Having a deadline is great! I've done more crafting in the last week than in the last several months before. I'll take pictures as I'm boxing up everything on Sunday.

Things I am definitely selling:
-gearrings (earrings with gears)
-watch movement pendants (both plain and with silver decorations)
-OM NOM NOM bracelets
-a crocheted hat

Things I am probably selling, assuming I finish working on them:
-small glass magnets with gears sandwiched between the glass and the paper backing
-bracelets involving typewriter hammers (just need to work out a good clasp mechanism)
-linocut prints/bookmarks (still trying to come up with a design, but should be quick to carve and print up once I've done so)

Things I might sell:
-paint chip bracelets, if I decide they're not too time-consuming to make a few more of them
-gear-related rings?
-more complicated gear/watch movement assemblage necklaces, if I feel creative in that direction

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