Monday, December 08, 2008

Mailed a box to Deceminate!

Things that I hadn't previously photographed got photographed this morning and uploaded here.

This was a crazy, awesome, and tiring experience. I wish I had decided to be in the craft fair earlier so that I could have gotten more done without staying up so late. But I'm glad that I made so many things! Sometimes it was a fairly simple, mechanical process, and sometimes it was very creativity-filled and challenging.

Photographic highlights:


I had wanted to make some earrings that were one continuous piece--no break between ear wire and the rest of the main structure. These were a lot of fun (though the spirals were essentially shaped free-handedly, so it was a little tedious to make lots of them).


Labradorite is hard to photograph well--it's a grayish stone with iridescent fire in a variety of colors (blue, green, and yellow seem to be the most common). This pair of earrings has yellow fire that (I think) matches pretty well with the gold-toned gears.


Meanwhile, the highlights in these beads is a bluer color, matching the silvery gears.


These necklaces were fairly simple to make and turned out fairly interesting-looking.


The hanging purple droplets here make me happy :)


Bracelet made with typewriter hammers! I figured out a clasping mechanism: a magnet! The hammers are the right kind of metal for the magnet to stick to them.



Lots of OM NOM NOM bracelets...


Cute little bubble glass magnets! One issue I ran into with them was that the gears are sometimes magnetizeable, so they will drift around on the magnet while the glue is drying.


  1. Wow! You make some wonderful things! My favorites are the first earrings, the necklaces with the one bead, and the magnets. So cool!

  2. I really love those first earrings, with one piece of wire and the free-hanging gears!