Saturday, May 10, 2014

A big batch of pendants for the Unwritten RPG Kickstarter

This is definitely the most copies of a single design I’ve ever made. I’m still kind of boggling at the size of this pile of shinies that I somehow created! I’m glad to be done so I can ship these off to the Unwritten folks to send to their Kickstarter backers (and artists/co-creators!) ^_^

(For those not familiar with Myst Online/Uru, the design on the pendants appears as a floor mosaic in one of the buildings in the game.)

I’ve learned a lot about how I work while finishing this project—I do things burstily (and that’s OK!), in batches of 8ish things at a time, 1 batch/week is a pretty sensible pace although more can be done in an overlapping fashion if need be. I figured out a lot of useful fiddly etching things, and an all-in-one design for the bail that doesn't require soldering--definitely a win for mass-production.

And I realized that maybe instead of worrying about not being able to make as many fannish things as there are fans (and feeling like a failure for potentially leaving some people disappointed), I can focus on the awesomeness of making things in the first place. On how every time I make a tangible artifact from this quirky little universe we love and another fan gets to have it, that universe shifts closer to ours, and the world is a better (dorkier, shinier) place.

I’m going on vacation in a little over a week, but when I get back at the end of the month I have a lot of ideas about making fannish things out of metal more regularly :)