Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finding me elsewhere on the internet

"Sorry I've been posting here less lately..." is something every blogger must say from time to time, and I'm saying it now. I'm finding this format kind of intimidating to post in, though I've got the seeds of ideas for a few longform posts. I'm not going to entirely retire this blog, but I want people to know where they can (virtually) hang out with me on a more casual basis in between posts :) is a mix of reblogs of things I think are cool, chatter about the Myst games/fandom, small life updates, and stuff-I-make-related posts. You can follow with a Tumblr account, or via RSS.

  @PurpleshinyRiv is my Twitter handle. Pretty similar mixture of stuff as my Tumblr activity, but in bite-sized chunks.

 I'm keeping Facebook/G+ mainly for people I've met at least once in real life. If we know each other but you don't know how to find me there, let me know!

 And finally, if you're just watching my website for Myst-related jewelry announcements, you can sign up for my Myst-related email newsletter to be the first to find out when I have new stuff for sale :)