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My Jewelry
My basement studio! Sometimes known as The Batcave
or The Laboratory.
I use hammers, torches, chemistry, power tools, elbow grease, and love to make awesome jewelry in silver and copper.

And not just your ordinary, garden-variety jewelry that you see in the mall.

I make metalwork that looks like it's from another world. Pieces that feel like they've seen eons of adventure--battles, voyages, space travel and riddles. My jewelry will show the world your appreciation for the unique. It will remind you of your secret plans, your quests, your rightful role as the protagonist of your own story. And it'll look pretty great on you, too.

My hope is that something I make will speak to you, but even if it doesn't, you're welcome to hang out on the blog and read about metalworking and other nifty stuff.


Here's a picture of me knitting in my favorite neighborhood ice cream place. Now you know I'm not a robot. (Or if I am, I'm the sneaky human-looking kind.)
I'm Riv, and I love purple and shiny things. I'm a creative geek--software engineer by day, metalsmith and all-around crafter by night. I live with my wife and our houseplants in a lovely apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts. I've been making jewelry since early 2008, and have been metalsmithing since the summer of 2009. I designed and built this website (using Blogger) and I do all my own stunts.

If you have any questions about my work, or just want to geek out about metal and shiny objects, please feel free to email me at riv@purpleshiny.com.