Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jewelry rebound

I think I am reacting to the pressure and craziness of putting together a bunch of jewelry on a deadline last week by gravitating towards fiber arts. I ordered a bunch of yarn (though not as much as I might have) from, mostly for knitting a dual-tone Noro stripe scarf, but also some bamboo yarn for sculptural crochet. (Their Noro Silk Garden Chunky was almost half off! How could I resist?) And now I am drooling over pretty fabric remnants and reverse appliqué techniques. But I will be good and play with the fabrics I have now before flipping out and buying more.

I've discovered a style of T shirt that's a little more fitted than the boxy Hanes that I have so many of from college, but still really comfortable, and I'm thinking about buying several blank ones and doing cool things (like reverse appliqué, block printing, embroidery, etc.) to them. We'll see if this actually happens or not.

I'm currently crocheting a cloche style hat in Lamb's Pride yarn. I'll be felting it and then probably embellishing it with smaller crocheted things and/or embroidery (depending on whether I decide it's for me or for my mom).

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