Monday, April 12, 2010

Things made in my very own studio!

Hair stick/shawl pin, given as a gift (may make an appearance in the shop as a "one much like this can be made to order" item (yes the gift recipient is ok with it :) ))
The first post earrings I've ever made (currently in the etsy shop)
Earrings made this evening, claimed by Susannah (potentially also going to be a made-to-order Etsy listing)
Made in the basement this evening

I'm so so so excited to be making things in my own space!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New shiny workspace

Assembled workspace!

I've switched from renting studio space to working in my basement with my own tools! I'm so excited to have my space right downstairs from me. Today I made a pair of earrings, and it went very smoothly.

I'm planning for more regular updates to this blog as I work on new stuff downstairs. Definitely more process photos and descriptions of how I make the things I make. I have fresh batteries in my camera and everything. Stay tuned!